SP: Pro Trim Hair Salon


New hairdo at Pro Trim Salon, JEM. 

Was very Glad to have Lee Han handle my hair because I'm a big fan of Korean hair styles and of course, what better way than to have a Korean stylist himself! I've had my hair done in Korea before and it's really different from Singapore..

My hair was super dark before visiting Pro Trim cuz of my stupid decision to dye it dark brown at a Neighbourhood salon. 

It looks ok in pictures but trust me.. Irl it was so black it looked like a wig. LOL. 

Lee Han used a bleaching shampoo to wash out the color. Which is much milder than a bleach itself. I've had my hair bleached before and I would say this bleaching shampoo really doesn't feel half as bad at all. If you would like to lighten your hair just abit I suggest trying this bleaching shampoo out.. It's really not damaging at all!

After 2 washes..

Decided to go with an ashy brown and this were the results:

Perfect shade of brown! Plus the hair cut was awesome... I have really thick hair so it's super hard to style. But the haircut made it so much more manageable. It's constantly in shape even when I don't blow it.. 

I love it!!! And my hair doesn't even feel so frizzy now. 

Thank you so much Lee Han from Pro Trim Salon @ JEM :)