SP: Nailz Haus


My visit to Nailz Haus @ IMM

Was very pleased to be able to work with Nailz Haus which is a rather popular nail parlour in the west. I have a few aunts who are regular customers there and I've heard many good reviews about them so far!


Really comfy interior.

Did sculpture extensions + gel pedi this trip.


Decided to go full bling for my nails. It has always been my dream to have really exaggerating Jap style nails cuz I LOVE IT so I told Elaine my manicurist to just go all out. Hahaha.

Here's them having fun blinging out my nails... Hahaha it was so fun to watch. It was like we were having a party lol!


Sat there for 4 hours because.. Ya. Vanity. But thank god for the comfy chairs cuz my butt didn't hurt. Plus the manicurists were all so friendly and accommodating!

The end product.... Purple/white marble with gold sparkles & lotsa blings~


SO SATISFYING TO LOOK AT!! Elaine was super satisfied with her work and I definitely have gotta say that her nail sculpturing skills are real mad. So yay! Happy us.


Thank you Nailz haus for such a pleasant first experience :)