FANCL IN HK part 1


As you've seen from my snapchats or ig... My last weekend was spent in HK with Fancl! I was one of the few lucky bloggers to be invited for this media junket. It has been soooo many years since I've been to HK so imagine how excited I was when I found out that I was gonna be heading there!! I'm not familiar with the place at all.. So I was very thankful for Fancl and touch PR who did such a great job in hosting and bringing us around. And of course GC for giving me this opportunity.


My favourite sight to see...


Took the airport transfer bus to Marco Polo hotel the moment we touched down.

Photo 18-3-16, 8 28 38 PM


Washed up and ready to head to FANCL HQ


Here at FANCL HQ to learn more about the no preservatives brand! This is how they came up with their tag line "LESS IS MORE", bringing more for your skin with less ingredients.


Warm welcome yet again, to fill our tummies with yummy cakes~


The caramel one was SOOOO GOOD. Couldn't keep my hands off the table.. LOL. Ok, back to the slides!


Preservatives can be very harmful for the skin as it can lead to premature aging as well as weak and sensitive skin. Do you realise how using certain skincare products with alcohol reddens your skin? It's actually the result of preservatives present in those products.

The best way to keep your skin youthful and healthy is to keep away from preservatives!

Fancl is known for its freshness. Unlike other Brand’s, Fancl has their products packed in small bottles. This is to ensure that it remains fresh within 60 days.


 It is also sealed with a plastic to ensure that nutrients are kept within and the product is not contaminated as it's completely isolated from external air.


Other than that, Fancl also has its manufactured date printed on all their bottles. This is something a user like me would definitely appreciate! I can't imagine putting something on my face which has been on shelves for months.... This attractive point about Fancl definitely shows how considerate they are towards their consumers. You'd love to know what you're putting on your faces wouldn't you?


After hearing so much about Fancl.. I really wonder what I've been putting on my face all these while. LOL.

Off to the Fancl workshop!


Blotch tests to show us the difference between Fancl and other brands.

Fancl's cleansing oil was the best among all the brands. It really penetrated deep into the lime's pores... As u can see, the other cleansers merely just cleansed the surface! Cleansers that dont do a good job can cause clogged pores and rough skin..


And on to the most shocking part..... Look how well locked the moisture is from Fancl! There are certain other brands which I've always had a good impression of but turns out it really isn't that moisturising.... I was pretty surprised! And impressed by Fancl's moisturising lotion as well. 


This is not all.. They even have supplements for you to radiate beauty from within.

I have to tell you though.... This white advance supplement really got me SOLD.

Iodine was used to represent melanin in our bodies. Lemon, which is a popular whitening agent was then added to show how it could whiten our skin. In the other cup, FANCL's whitening pill was mixed and added.


LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE?! Karen only used a little tiny drop from the mixture of the pills and the iodine immediately turned TRANSPARENT. It works so much faster and better than lemon!

The best part is, once it has turned transparent, further addition of iodine wouldn't turn it back to brown again. Meaning after the consumption of Fancl's white in pills; it doesn't only make you fair but prevent you from getting tanned in future. What sorcery is this?! Oh man these melanin in my body has got to go...

After this, we also did a skin test to check on our skin's health. It was like the moment of truth for all us...... Hahaha.


After the test I found out that my skin was worse than the kind lady at the station who was in her 40's T_T it seems that the surface doesn't really reveal your true skin's health..

Couldn't wait to get back to the hotel to try out all the goodies from Fancl!

Photo 29-3-16, 2 33 55 AM

Back to the hotel and off for dinner at E puré, a fine dining restaurant in Ocean Centre, Tsim Tsa Tsui

A few of my Favourite dishes amongst the 8...


Scallop and caviar


Artichoke + black truffle


My fave of all.. WAGYUUUUU!!


Ending with dessert. Meringue, mango + passion fruit

Photo 18-3-16, 9 34 30 PM

With the Fancl and touchPR team!


Ended the night with a happy tummy and happy skin~

Can't wait to share how I found the products! Look for it in the next blog post :)