SKINCARE ROUTINE x Atlas Medical Clinic


Been receiving tons of questions on my ask.fm about my skincare routine so I'll do a detailed post to share the products I've been using so far!

I've been with Atlas for more than a year now and I've gotta say.. I love how they've been taking such great care of my skin. I wouldn't say that my skin is perfect because I'm still far from that... But I'm super thankful for the treatments that Atlas has provided me because it helps to maintain my skin so much! I always receive offers from other facial salons to try out free facials but I never ever take them up because I just can't trust someone else to handle my skin? No one knows my skin better than Atlas... SERIOUSLY. I guess it's partly because I'm a regular there but also because their products seem to ALWAYS be suitable for me. It's really hard to find products suited for my skin because it's extremely sensitive. But Atlas' products are my favorite!


1. SPLASH AWAY Cleanser


I love this cleanser!!! It reminds me of my facials at Atlas because they always use this to cleanse my skin. It smells really good plus it does a great job in cleansing without ripping off moisture or giving me a crazy breakout. For those who are acne prone and have sensitive skin like me, this cleanser would be really great for you. If it doesn't break my skin out, I'm pretty confident it wouldn't on yours.

It foams up after you lather the product in your hand, so you don't really have to use a lot of product.

2. 2IN1 Moisturiser

I'm a big fan of the Rose 2 moisturizer which I did a post on here. Just a disclaimer... My products were never sponsored by Atlas. I've been purchasing them ever since they gave me a set of Bebepu products to try out because it worked really well for me.

The girls then introduced me to this new 2in1 moisturiser which is the improved version of the Rose 2. It's a toner and moisturizer together! So basically you can just skip the step of the toner and use this immediately after cleansing.


It's not oily at all and I love the watery texture.


Definitely definitely gonna repurchase. I really can't do without moisturisers from Atlas. It is a bit on the costlier side because it's medical grade and its specially developed by Dr Sm Yuen and made in Korea. Plus it's good for sensitive skin because it's paraben free!

3. BB Cream

I ever did a short mention of the Rose-2 BB cream on my ig here:

And this is the BB cream I've been talking about!


I rave about it a lot to my friends... And everytime after facial when my therapist applies the BB cream for me, my friends always tell me my face is glowing. If you're a fan of the dewy look, you'll love this BB cream! It has SPF15 on top of the coverage and moisturising effect so you don't have to apply sunblock separately.

Thank you Atlas Medical and DR SM Yuen for always keeping my skin in check~