Introducing to you... BlackBox October Edition.



This month, they are going all out for you and your skin.. Bringing you products out of the ordinary!


1. SOTHYS Sensitive Discovery Kit


Some of you might have the same problem of having a combination skin that sometimes gets too oily in certain areas during mid-day, and yet on some other days it can get too flaky due to weather or environmental change that gets your skin itchy and sensitive. Well... This range could just be the solution to your problems!

Micellar Cleansing Water

My favourite kind of make up removers are definitely the water based! It's really great for sensitive skin and you definitely wouldn't have to worry about getting breakouts because it's mild on the skin yet it does it job efficiently.

I always wipe my face using a cotton pad twice to ensure it cleanses my skin thoroughly and that's all I need! It has really saved a lot of time for me when it comes to skincare at night.

Soothing SOS Serum

This serum instantly soothes permanent or temporary discomfort sensations and limit appearance of redness. My skin is always dehydrated and this serum has given a great boost for my skin.

I use this right after my toner and before my moisturiser using patting motions and it absorbs really quickly! Not to mention the serum doesn't feel oily at all so it feels extremely comfortable on my skin.


Soothing Melting Fluid

The soothing melting fluid is a daily protection to protect the skin from external aggression and reduce skin discomfort. I apply it on my entire face and neck after SOTHYS Soothing SOS Serum, both day and night. It works especially well together with the Nutri-soothing mask in targeting redness!


Nutri-soothing Mask

The mask is an emergency care to provide immediate relief to discomfort sensations and maintains the balance of sensitive skin. Because I'm extremely prone to redness... This mask has been really helpful and effective for me! On days where my skin experiences redness, I'll just slap on this mask before I go and sleep and it resolves all of it the next morning.

All you have to do is apply an even layer on cleansed face and leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing off. Then apply SOTHYS Soothing Melting Fluid. Easy peasy!

The haze has been really bad these days and my sensitive skin is starting to react to the toxic air... On days like these... Your skin really needs a lot of care and love. And I'm so thankful that this range has been so useful in helping me calm my skin! Keep in mind, beauty waits for no one so you should neverrrrrrr neglect your skin.

Retail Size and Price: $121 per set

Brand Website: www.sothys.com.sg

2. d’skin UV Defense

The most important part above skincare is of course protection. It is one daily routine you should never go without because sun rays are the biggest culprit to our skin's aging so do put in the extra effort to use sunscreen everyday! Prevention is better than cure.


As described on the product bottle – ‘this sunscreen has NO LIMITATION to its effectiveness of SPF & PA unless the sunscreen is cleansed from our skin’. If you want a fair and beautiful skin, simply slap them on your face and let it do the job.

It has this mild whitening effect as well so it gives your overall skin an even tone! You can even go without bb creams if you want to.


Brought it out the other day and I love how the bottle is so small and convenient to bring around!

Retail Size and Price: UV Defense 40ml - $138
Brand Website: www.dskinlab.com

3. ITOH Japan Crystal Collagen 5300


Beauty doesn't only matter on the outside but it also comes from within.

Your well-being is also what you eat or drink. Treat yourself to something good daily. Make it a routine and you are a step closer to younger and supple looking skin.

I love how this tastes because its peach flavoured and it's really sweet! Almost like I'm drinking juice every morning.

A collagen a day keeps ageing at bay!

How to use:
Intensive dose - One bottle daily.
Maintenance - 1 bottle on alternate days.
For best absorption, consume before breakfast or before sleep. Shake well before drinking. Best served chilled.

Retail Size and Price: 16 bottles x 50ml @ $34.40
Brand Website: www.ascenshoppe.com.sg

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