Lenses have been a necessity for me ever since I developed short sightedness and I've been wearing 'em for about 6 years now? Always found it a hassle to buy them from optical shops because only a few would have instocks for my degree and I'd have to go through the trouble of ordering and waiting etc..

As much as I love lenses like Geo lens, it never stopped me from being skeptical about its authenticity, esp those sold online. So I always stuck with reputable brands like Freshkon that you can find in most of the optical shops around. Although I never had trouble finding these brands, I still found it troublesome to have to go collect them every now and then considering the lazy bum that I am.

Well for those like me.. GOOD NEWS. There's now an online site for you to conveniently place orders for trustable lenses!

Here I'm wearing my new favorite pair of lenses... Freshkon in Winsome brown. I love how it's not too exaggerating and it's close to the color of my eyes. Doubt I have to emphasize on its comfort cus I'm pretty sure you guys are already aware

Adore Imagene in brown

The best thing besides sending these lenses to your door step.... Is that they offer subscription services for contact lenses (the first to be launched in Singapore). Subscription services offer further discounts and there will be no need for consumers to reorder, no need to panic when your supply runs low. Everything is made convenient just for you!

Other than subscription, individual boxes are for sale as well with FREE SHIPPING!
Head on to purchase your pretty lenses~

Purchase from this link to get $10 off!