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My acne has been well maintained thanks to the acne program I've been undergoing at Atlas Medical Laser and Aesthetics! I'm super thankful how they are so patient with me because my skin is so problematic it becomes tough to keep in control. Even I run out of patience myself from trying to take care of my skin. LOL

Unfortunately, I have SO MUCH melanin in my body which seems to be producing tons at every minute.

Recently, I started to develop some pigmentation from sun exposure.. I have no idea where they came from until DR Yuen pointed them out to me. Till then... It has been bothering me quite a bit because I can't help but focus on this flaw.

Therefore, I did my usual pigmentation laser! I really trust my skin to be under the skillful hands of DR Yuen because he's always so confident and aware of what to do to solve my skin's imperfections. He makes me feel assured of the results I'm expecting.

I told DR Yuen I wanted to feel the least pain as possible and he really did made it happen for me! He used this really cold air to blow on my skin everytime he was lasering an area of my face and there was really no pain AT ALL, which is pretty damn amazing because it makes such a big difference! If you're really afraid of pain just let DR Yuen know and he'll know what to do :)

Although there wasn't any extraction this time.. My skin feels super clean. Like as if DR Yuen has zapped all my impurities away!

A few days after the treatment...


My pigmentation has lightened a bit! I hardly even notice it anymore unless I really scrutinize my face super near the mirror.

Not to forget about other treatments I’ve also done such as the usual Silk Peel (which is my favourite), the RF treatment which is done to firm and reduce stubborn fats as well as the popular vitamin C treatment which has anti-oxidant, anti-pigmentation and skin tone lightening effects.

My facials are always made so comfortable~ 

My skin's condition now after much pampering from Atlas Medical (with some tinted sunblock):

Thank you DR Yuen!
 So glad I have this trusty team at Atlas Medical to rely on for my skin's needs :)


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