Daniel Wellington


I've never been more lucky to work with the extremely popular watch brand... 

Daniel Wellington!


DW has, since the very first watch sold in 2011, expanded to over 30 countries and counting. The design of their watches represents a classic and timeless style inspired from the elegant preppy trend.


I've always been looking for a casual watch to wear that isn't too over the top and I was THIS close to already ordering one for myself on their website when they emailed me!!!I was totally like... Woah. Boy am I lucky or what.....

They carry a wide range of watches for both males and females!

Screen shot 2014-08-17 at PM 01.15.41

They were sporting both leather and NATO strap but I've always preferred leather so I chose myself the Classic Sheffield lady.


The slim watchface combined with the different patterns and colours of the Nato straps or any of the five elegant leather straps enables a watch for every occasion. Their wide variety of interchangeable straps creates many possibilities to complete your outfit.

Beneath the watch itself you’ll find a small instruction manual and even a spring bar removal tool. This means you can swap out straps on your own, as opposed to having to visit a jeweler or watch repair shop. 

I think I would actually get myself a NATO strap so I can swap it anytime I want!

What I love most about is how minimalist it is.... LESS IS MORE! The watch looks extremely simple but the interface is exquisite.

For my readers...

There will be a special discount code for you!!


It can be used for the purchase on their official website www.danielwellington.com. The discount code will reduce the price by 15% and is valid until the end of August.