Dr SM Yuen Atlas Medical


Was talking about how grateful I am for my recent collaborations on twitter and just 2 days ago... Dr Sm Yuen Atlas Medical gave me a call! I've never been happier to collaborate with an aesthetics clinic!! Especially one that is so well known and professional.

Went down for my first consultation yesterday with DR SM Yuen for a skin analysis!


He had SOOO many certs and achievements I totally wasn't expecting a young doctor!!


And the waiting area! I really love how the atmosphere is so cozy and it doesn't make you feel uneasy while waiting for your turn.

During the analysis, Dr SM Yuen was really nice and humorous. It was such a comfortable consultation with him! He told me that my skin was rather dry on the surface and my skin is really thin.. Making it really vulnerable to outbreaks and especially harsh products. So he recommended me some mild products for maintanence!


A really mild cleanser, water based moisturizer for my dry skin and a sunscreen for extra protection!

Will be using these products for now before my actual treatment in a few days! 
So excited I can't wait..

Stay tuneddd!