X'MAS x NYE 2013


Last Christmas, I had one of the best planned X'mas party! Which I'm definitely proud to say.. Was organized by me. Hehe. Booked a hotel and invited everyone over to party! Ordered lotsa food & champagne! Even bought everyone X'mas hats to increase the ''Christmas feel''. Hahaha


Super chilling little porch we have...


And the secretly talented chef Leong.. Even I can't slice like that. LOL


Not to forget... It was Sean's birthday too!! Happy birthday!!


Everyone with their gift!!! I even got an extra gift from Sarah- Marc Jacob's perfume which I absolutely love! Lucky me :3


And smth I've been wanting for the longest time... CLARISONIC!!! From my sweetest A. Thank u I love uuuu!!!!!


And the BESTEST NYE I've had in the longest time @ Siloso Sentosa. SO MUCH FUN






The best kind of plans are impromptu ones... I had a great start for 2014. I WNA DO THIS AGAIN!!!


Hello 2014


I'm 9 days late... (Wordy post ahead)

2013 was a rather great year for me. Besides the fact that I was constantly struggling with school and my life, looking back, I would say that I had actually learnt a lot throughout the year.

In January 2013, I embarked on my educational journey in college. A choice both my father and I made, which landed me in tremendous stress throughout the whole year. Up till now, I would never go back to say that the choice I made was the best for a person like me... I'm that kind of person that can never live under restrictions, and living everyday being restricted from doing what I want was just the perfect way to kill me. I thought I would be done with all these rules and regulations once I stepped out of Secondary School... But boy am I so so wrong. Even asking for permission to go to the washroom made me feel like I was robbed off all my personal rights and space. I really hated it. And I still do.

On a positive note, I'm constantly reminding myself that it's the best for me, like a mental war in my mind. We don't really have a choice to not go through school anyway. I'm pretty sure nobody likes it either... But since I made the choice for myself, I'm going to make the best out of it and kick school's ass. The process is bitter but the fruit will be sweet.. We all need a little push in our lives sometimes, don't we?

Although I dreaded going to school.. Attending it has allowed to meet some of the most sincere friends I've had, and I've never been more thankful. Xavier. Thank you for always being so supportive of me no matter what I do, even when it had nothing to do with what you were interested in at all. I can't believe you wanted to come down just to support me cat walk although it was a fashion show for GIRLS. And especially for missing my presence when I was gone, thank you. That made me feel really appreciated. Rena. Thank you for always being so sweet, for always lending me a listening ear. You're so genuine and positive I really liked being around you. Do know that you're really special. To the sweetest both I met the past year, I hope to meet new friends that are just like you. xx

In February 2013, I had the most KICK ASS 18TH BIRTHDAY!! Which was made possible with the 2 most important men of my life, Ivan and daddy love. To the best father in the whole wide world, thank you for always trying to make things easier for me. For sending and fetching me from school when you know I disliked it, just so you could lessen my burden for me. 2013 wouldn't have been better without your presence and your constant moral support has always made me stronger. I love you the most and I hope you know that! And to my ever so romantic bf, I've said this sooo many times but thank you for being my soulmate. You're the best thing that happened to me since 2012.

In June 2013, I suffered from the worst stomach flu ever and missed my flight to Bangkok TWICE. My trip to Bangkok for the first time was made miserable thanks to my ill discipline from drinking..... Which has definitely taught me a lesson to never be so playful again and burden others from my actions. Sometimes I just really go out of control... Lol!

In August 2013, I lost some people in my life. Even till this day, I never really knew the reason why we fell out. Amongst all the grudges and hatred, I was still thankful these friendships taught me a lesson, to never trust someone else so much you allow them to tear you apart. But thank you for once being my friend and for once being true (if you were). This has taught to me to be more appreciative of the people around me and to pay more attention to the ones who really care for me. I hope the best for you.

With this, I started to realize how my very thoughtful friend, Adelyn was always by my side constantly trying to make sure I was fine. I honestly regret that I neglected her actions months ago because MAN, YOU ARE SUCH AN ANGEL BABY! Hahahaha. Thank you for always being so thoughtful and paying attention to all the nitty gritty details people would oversee most of the time. Like reminding me that I can't drink caffeine and sending me pictures of food that I like. And for buying me my favorite snacks and delivering it to my house ALL THE TIME when I'm upset. The amount of effort you put in for this friendship is TREMENDOUS. And I appreciate that so much. LOVE CHU.

Of course, not forgetting my best friend, Erica who has stuck with me through thick and thin. I hate that we live SO DAMN FAR APART!!!!! Spending lesser time with you has made us drift apart from each other but thank you for always putting in the effort to talk to me as and when you can. For always wanting to meet up but I always cannot make it at the end of the day... I'm so sorry for always being so busy. I promise to meet you more in 2014 and set time aside for you. PROMISE!!! ♥ Thank you for also always listening to me talk about my problems although it's always the same stuff most of the time lol!!! I appreciate your patience and your honesty for me. Love you very much.

And to the friends whom I don't meet very often but are always sending me texts to check on me... Jeanette & Seraphina. I appreciate all these little things you do!

For the rest of the months, I took a step to take my blogging (somehow) career to a more professional level. I bought myself a ring light for proper advertorial photos and changed my camera (from G12 to Samsung ex2f) just so I could have better quality photos for my blog. I was constantly finding ways to improve. I also started to attend events and shows for exposure to meet more people. Sponsors started coming in thanks to Gushcloud for always managing me so well. Thank you Gushcloud team! All these wouldn't have been made possible without you! Also, more advertorials came in this year and I'm really so thankful!! I was able to work with 2 skincare brands, KISS Snail White whom were really sweet to me. And to Wardrobe Mess for engaging me long term.. Thank you for the trust! And of course, not forgetting the other many blogshops who believed in me. 谢谢你们! (LOL I feel like I'm giving a speech from winning an award) *waves hand like a president*

Thank you SalonVim & Bugis Essensuals for my chio locks. Thank you Skin Inc for feeding my skin. Thank you Charme for my pretty X'mas nails and Amy Beauty Link for my luscious lashes! I'm so grateful for all you sponsors!! It has been a pleasure working with all of you.

And of course, I'm always thankful for you loyal bunch of readers who has been reading my blog all these time... I'm so glad to know that people are always looking forward to my updates. You guys are like the fuel for my motivation to blog. 


HAPPY 2014!



Blogshop of the week!!!

A super unique name... BXTWXXN!

www.bxtwxxn.com is another preorder website that brings in all the chio clothes from other countries which we can't get in Singapore! I hate how it's so unfair we can never get such pretty wholesale clothes manufactured in our own country :(


Wearing BXTWWN's distressed jeans that fits me just perfect! Best thing about it is it's color which doesn't make me look extra fat. You know how dark colors just seem to accentuate your legs better right? Hahaha.


And of course, my favorite of all, glass shards collar! It's so statement yet simplistic at the same time. Matches well with almost everything and I love it!

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at PM 03.07.53Screen shot 2014-01-08 at PM 03.08.41

Bxtwxxn doesn't only bring in clothes and accessories but even DECALS too!

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at PM 03.09.02

For those who're wondering... You can stick these stickers almost everywhere. Your laptop, your car, your phones etc! I'm a sucker for stickers and I enjoy collecting them so much I could even buy them just to keep them in my drawer. Hahaha.

Quote ''Shanice'' for 10% off total bill! (valid till 31/1/2014)
Head on to shop now! 
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SAM_0487 copy

2nd ANNI x Senso ristorante & Bar


Bf brought me for dinner the other day to commemorate our 2nd anniversary together at Senso restaurant! I feel so blessed everytime he brings me out for yummy food.


It was good make up day so I just had to camwhore. Hahahaha. Lip tint's from innisfree! I love their lip products.. Super chio colors.




My Risotti and Saffron.. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!! The mix of wine cherries is PERFECT. I never finish my risotti everytime I eat it.. But this time I finished the whole plate. I felt that it was the perfect portion for me. I would definitely go back for more.


Bf's squid ink risotti

If you love risottos.. This is the place to be.

Senso Ristorante & Bar
21 Club St, Singapore 069410
+65 6224 3534


2 years has passed in a jiffy.... Thank you for always trying your best and going out of your way just to make me happy, to give me what I want. I'm sorry for always being so greedy and demanding (if I actually was) Thank you for also making me a better person throughout this journey.

I love you
It's a blessing to have you these 2 years