Sunsilk freestyle challenge #2


Hello everyone! I'm back again.. This time, with a new hair tutorial in pictorial form!

To put my hair root strength to the test... I've decided to do 2 different pin up looks that require a lot of hair teasing! Hair teasing usually causes a lot of hair fall and can be really damaging for the hair. But this time, I'll be using the sunsilk hair fall tonic to solve all my hair problems so watch how it does it's magic!

After using the hair fall tonic, I've been experiencing less hair fall and this has allowed me to try out more hairstyles! In the past I've always refrained from doing all these hairstyles, especially those that requires teasing because my hair drops too much. But now thanks to the hair fall tonic I can finally say "goodbye to hair fall and hello to hair play!''

Taking the usual steps to apply the hair fall tonic right before styling my hair...

Finally doing the 2 pin up looks that I've been wanting to achieve for a very long time! (Since Halloween is coming soon as well, those who'd want to dress up as pin up girls might find this handy!)

The first look: Pompadour

Screen shot 2013-10-11 at PM 05.29.25

And the second: Band-o-mania


Really simple right? It doesn't even require any skills or special tools :)

Not to forget Sunsilk's ongoing freestyle challenge that ends on the 3rd of November!

If you haven't sent in your picture for the contest it's time to do so! All you have to do is visit Sunsilk's facebook page and find out how to join the contest!

Screen shot 2013-10-11 at PM 07.13.14

You have no more time to lose! The contest is ending really soon. So join me in the contest and stand to win attractive prizes!

Have fun!!