Snail White Cream


Humid weather really contributes a lot to bad skin... And we unfortunately have to experience that every single day. Although this sunny weather makes your skin feel oily and greasy all the time, moisturizing is still a must! Letting your skin become too dry could cause even more zits to form because your sebaceous glands would produce even more oil instead to keep your skin moisturized. As such, you would want to provide a sufficient amount of oil through product application instead.

(For those who have oily skin like me, you might want to ensure that your moisturizer isn't too oily!) 

For me, my skin is more to normal and oily skin, so I'm always afraid to use moisturizers because I would always wake up with clogged bumps the next day when I do. My skin is like.... AN ANTI MOISTURIZER PLATFORM. Despite this, I've always believed that we should never neglect moisturizers since it plays a really important role for skin care. Unfortunately, I was always never able to find a suitable moisturizer..

Have you ever wondered how the Thais maintain their skin so well despite their humid weather? Seeing how the Thais achieve such good skin has always made me curious about the products they use.  I've been trying to search for their products on Gmarket and even Google but always to no avail :( (I swear their whitening products are superb...)

FINALLY. I received an email from Snail White!! A product that is manufactured and originated from Thailand and one of their best selling creams! It's finally here in Singapore!


Snail White is also really popular in Hong Kong, Australia, USA, Sweden and approved by TFDA, GMP and with ingredients and packaging all imported from Korea. Hmm.... Thailand and Korea... What a perfect combination for beauty products right?


Snail cream has been gaining popularity over the months due to the many benefits it contain. Besides it's moisturizing benefits, Snail White is also able to treat acne scars, dull skin, sensitive skin and even control oil secretion! It's like all the skin care products combined into ONE tub!


After trying Snail White I've to admit my skin has really became more supple over the weeks and it didn't cause my skin to break out at all. It has been working well for me so well and I really hope to achieve blemish-free skin in no time :)


* Preorder batch 3 is ending on the 16th of October so hurry place your orders now! *

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