Chinese or American breakfast?


I love it when my bf wakes up and randomly suggests that we go out for breakfast together.. Especially when he suggests pancakes or something of that sort. I LOVE AMERICAN BFAST! But the sad thing is, my bf doesn't fancy sweet food and he always says that he prefers chinese food. So the other day we decided to be fair to each other and have ourselves a chinese AND american bfast :3


Loving the really orangey look this days... Orange errthang on my face! IDK what you'd call it tho. SUNKISSED LOOK? Hahaha. Will do a tutorial if many of you would like me too!


Here we are at Beauty World Plaza for our favorite ban mian! My bf is a crazy chilli lover and he LOVES the chilli there cus it's SOOOO spicy.. We also love the very much raved ban mian at City Plaza but it's too far away.. Nevertheless this is really equally good! Definitely on par with the one at City Plaza. It's just really underrated :(


Our favorite sugar cane stwo stalls beside. Looks kinda shabby but the sugarcane is super refreshing cus the uncle doesn't put too much lemon. It's a perfect combo together with the ban mian! Order it when you're there and you'll know what I mean!



We wanted to go to a pastry shop around Bukit Timah for dessert as a make up for me but it was too crowded and raining heavily at the same time.. So we decided to settle for some normal ice cream at Udders.