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Blogshop of the week!!

Yet another spree website...!!! HO HO HO! I love!

Was really... Spoilt for choice cus there was sooo much to choose from... 

They even have got male apparels! And caps and phone casings! Literally almost everything. 

Screen shot 2013-10-02 at PM 07.51.38Screen shot 2013-10-02 at PM 07.52.54

I finally made my decision and decided to go with apparels!

KTZ Bf tank

SAM_0755 copy copy

The fitting was so good!! Just the way I like it.. Not too short and not too long!

Beige knit cardigan

SAM_0760 copy

And this cardigan was equally comfortable! Not too thick for sg's weather too :)

They even sent me an extra item on their own accord! How generous! Will post an instagram picture when I get the chance to wear it out :)

They have just added a '6 piece price' to their wholesale pricing system :O

Quote 'shanice' for a 5% discount
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Happy shopping!!!