Finally got a chance to work with the sweetest photographer I've met!!! Whom I'm sure many of you should know by her name Fiona, or Smittenpixels on instagram.

Was discussing about the theme we wanted and I told her I wanted a very white theme.. She immediately had an idea in her head and only told me what to wear on the day. Asked her if we needed any props but man she has everything!!!! Even the hotel room was booked by her. She had everything so well prepared for me!

I was really comfortable being around her 'cus she was so friendly. She would even notice I've ran out of poses sometimes and offer to help me with some. Hahaha.


Most importantly I really LOVED the photos. They all came out so pretty!!!!! And it was exactly what I wanted! Can't wait for them to officially be up on my blog banner :)

Visit her website if you don't believe me..... Her photos are amazing
ig: smittenpixels