Hardly having any time to use the computer, I only update my iTunes only once in at least 3 months.. Each time I want to listen to new songs I have to use YouTube to stream and listen.. Lol noob I know, but guess what!! AMPed knows my pains!!!

AMPed is a really convenient app for all you music lovers! You can indulge in a repository of over a million songs anywhere at anytime! At times when you want to listen to a song so badly but it isn't in your iTunes... Here's where you go to stream for a song and listen to it on the go. This is what I do all the time. Just search for your artist under the "add" button! Super convenient!

AMPed also shows you all the different albums a artistes has and even provides you information about the artist!


You know how sometimes an artist can have so many songs you can't even figure out which song belongs to which album? AMPed actually helps you to assemble the songs in the albums accordingly! Makes searching so much easier :)


Besides only listening to the songs you like, you can also check out other people's playlist and share your own at the same time! Look, it's not only a music platform but a place to socialize as well!

You can also check out the other existing popular playlists people have uploaded and expand your music bank! A really great way to keep yourself update on the latest music!


The best thing is, you can exit the app and still have your song playing! Doesn't exhaust your battery at all :) I've been using this app for awhile now and there isn't any bug or problems with it. I absolutely love it!! Here's a little part of my own music playlist:


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What's more.. IT'S FREE!! What are you waiting for!! Join me and download #AMPed now!