We all have got to admit.. Everyone loves the Korean trend! Even from the most extreme and loud clothes to just simple daily casual wear, every style has got its own uniqueness. There really isn't anything to not love about them! I love how their clothes are so versatile and always of really good quality.

When IWANNACLOSET approached me, I was so happy because I don't have to go around shopping for these clothes anymore! Most importantly, the apparels are of such affordable prices compared to the Korean retail stores outside!The best thing is the clothes are all manufactured in Korea, quality's really top notch!

My first pick was the 'so blue dress'


Initially I was really worried that the dress wouldn't fit me well because the models look so slim and I'm WAY far from that. But it actually fitted me really well. The cutting was perfect and so were the intricate floral designs! It's so versatile that I could look both informal and formal in this dress!

My next pick was the 'sunflower dress'.


I loved this dress so much I wore it immediately for the weekend after I got it. Even got a compliment from the bf saying "wah where did you get this from? The quality seems really good." It really IS AMAZING for the price you're required to pay!

Trust me, you wouldn't be disappointed with your buys :) 

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