BANGKOK II x facial remedies



Best bf in the world :p


My bf's favorite Kuay Chap from Platinum mall's foodcourt. It's really yummy I promise... I can't describe. Have it the next time you're there and you'll know what I mean!


Sharkfin!!! Was so disappointed we didn't go to Chinatown in the end for any :(


The end!

Not sure if I've shared this before.... But oatmeal is truly an amazing home remedy for facial redness! I swear by this!!! I was suffering from really itchy and red patches on my cheek the past few days due to my skin's sensitivity towards this particular product.. (I'm so envious of people who can use almost anything not have to worry! Unfair!) As a sucker for natural remedies... I immediately stopped using my facial wash and starting using oatmeal to wash my face instead! (You could even use it as a mask) The redness went away after A DAY. Only after two washes. Not sure if it'd help for serious acne cases but for normal pimples it surely does work! It always works for me :) My favorite remedy for pimples of all time!

Just wanted to share this because I know how annoying it can get to look at yourself in the mirror with terribly red skin.. Especially when you're intending to attend an event the next day and no amount of make up can cover! Even after concealing the redness tends to resurface again so the best solution is to reduce the redness itself.

If you're still unaware of what I'm talking about... It's the edible kind of oatmeal. Personally I use Quaker's oatmeal. Pretty sure any other brand is fine too!


I love it!! Works so well for me :)

Here's a video to guide you step by step! (This was where I learnt about the oatmeal miracle)

Hope this would help many of you :)