SALON VIM; Look I'm brown


Because the school holidays are already here, I thought I needed something new... A new hairdo. And of course, Salon Vim being my hair sponsor was such a delightful piece of news for me!!!

I dyed my hair brown almost immediately after the school hols arrived and it started to fade off after quite some time... Eventually it turned a bit golden? Which I didn't really like!


Because of much neglect from me... My hair was starting to turn really dry and distressed. I've got naturally fizzy hair so it looks a hundred times worse than it already is. I swear if you've seen my hair irl you'll be so shocked. It's literally like... GRASS. LOL. Sigh I wish I was born with naturally silky hair.


All my black roots already starting to show...

After much contemplation... I've concluded on going ash brown! A darker shade of brown than my current hair, with a tinge of platinum blonde. All I told Katherine, my stylist, was that I wanted to get rid of the golden shade and achieve something very ashy instead.

Here I am at Salon Vim, 313 :)


Super well taken care of!! Initially they served me a packet of biscuit and I finished it immediately. Afterwards they gave me another 2 more packets and I finished them again. LOL. I didn't even realise I seemed like a glutton... Until the other stylist asked me ''Are you very hungry? Do you need us to get some food for you?'' Hahahaha. PIG IS ME. But anyway I found them really thoughtful and sweet! I don't think any other hair stylist would actually give 2 hoots about my grumbling tummy..


Step 1: Dyeing my top part ash brown!

LOL I rmb sending a picture of me like that to my bf saying that I'm Chun Li. Hahaha many times I found myself looking so ridiculous in the mirror I wanted to laugh.


Gongcha from the boyfriend :3 (Poor boy was so tired he waited for me the whole time and fell asleep)


Done with the top part!

Step 2: Bleaching the inside of my hair


This bag was so hot my bf told me that I was ''smoking'' and I took his words for it -_-  


Going lighter!!!


And... TADAH


LOOK AT THE COLOR!!!!! SO CHIO! The exact blonde I wanted.. So excited I couldn't wait to see the end product of my hair. Hahaha I LOVE IT!

After toning... Last step! Treatment time!


This ''cocktail'' is like a mixture of the above 2 products together! It's called the Redken chemistry cocktail treatment :)


Katherine even showed me this to explain in detail what they were going to do to my hair. She was really nice and patient!


Hehehe.. So happy doing my hair


Bf: ''Omg there's like dew drops on your hair!! Come come give me your camera I take and show you''


During the process of my treatment, Katherine recommended me products for my hair type! She couldn't stop telling me how dry my hair was... So she gave me all the products for distressed hair. Including a hair mask and treatment I could do on my own!! So nice of her right?!

Now I feel like I don't have to worry about having terrible looking hair thanks to all these products I'm provided with from Salon Vim :D

After going through all the products...



It was so pretty I wanted to give Katherine a hug!!!!!!


So pleased with the end product! Super pretty color and soft silky looking hair...


Thank you Katherine!!! (I realise we have almost similar hair)
Not forgetting Kash, the other stylist :)

And of course SALON VIM! 
I had such a pleasant experience!

Before I end of this entry... I have some good news to share~

Salon Vim is offering a crazy promotion at their new outlet @ Bugis :D
20% off ALL hair services!!!
Hurry down to Salon Vim now for a new hairdo for 2013!

Salon Vim (FB PAGE)

313 @ Somerset Orchard #04-07/08/09
For appointment : +65 8847757 or +65 8847767

''Hair brings one's self-image into focus; it is vanity's proving ground.   ~Shana Alexander''