Advertorial x Indiesin


Introducing to you...

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One of the few favorite blogshops I've been modelling for!

When I appeared at the studio I was beaming because all the colourful clothes were such a happy sight :D I love it when the clothes I'm about to shoot for are to my liking... It makes me so excited! I can't wait to work with them again :D

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Screen shot 2012-12-27 at PM 02.40.13

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When I was modelling for these few outfits I rmb I kept going.. "Omg! I love this. This is so cute!'' Hahaha. (I think they couldn't stand me) Not to forget that they had soooo many accessories for me to add on to the outfits. Loved their shades! ALL WERE SO CHIO!
And Lin was so sweet to sponsor me a pair of them :D  

Smth I wore and posted on my ig awhile ago 

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Their Vintage Gold Rimmed Tortoise Shades

I wore it as a prop for one of the outfits during the shoot and I've got to say... This was definitely love at  first sight. So honoured and happy to be sponsored a pair! It definitely isn't the flimsy kind of shades you'll find.. The material was actually really sturdy. Such a steal for a vintage piece at only $18! My dad's vintage sunnies always cost him at least a hundred or more. Hehe.. Sometimes being a girl is so good

Anyhow, I was also sponsored the Aztec shorts


The prints were so pretty a plain tee was enough to complete my look :D

Was never a fan of aztec prints but I just couldn't resist the colours.... Plus I think the cutting fits me pretty well. Not easy to find a pair of shorts that I actually ''think'' makes me look nice. In fact I actually got myself quite a number of shorts from Indiesin cus I really liked their cutting!

Next, I was sponsored a pair of white pants.


Super comfy material and extremely suitable for the weather in SG. Love it. And the best thing of course, is that it matches almost everything!

These are only 1/2 of the items I was sponsored from Indiesin.. I still have got a whole lot more that I haven't got to wear!

To find out what other goodies I got from Indiesin, follow me on instagram: [backatreality] :D

Thank you Indiesin for being such a sweetheart!