Advertorial x Naked Glory


I'm pretty sure many of you aren't able to find much nice watches online since almost every blogshop focuses on clothings. So here it is.... 

Naked Glory brings in wide range of really nice watches! Ranging from big sizes to small.

Screen shot 2012-11-24 at AM 12.41.14
Screen shot 2012-11-24 at AM 12.38.21

They even bring in other stuff like vintage typewriters and cutesy rings!

Screen shot 2012-11-24 at AM 12.35.38Screen shot 2012-11-24 at AM 12.49.50

Awesome aren't they?

Yoko, the owner of Naked Glory (which is also the designer for my awesome blogskin) was really kind to have sponsored me 2 cute watches from her store! I chose the petite range :)


The watches are really versatile it matches with every outfit I wear! I've been wearing it almost everyday ever since I've received it.. Hahaha. It's like a ''cannot-go-a-day-without'' accessory for me now. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

I promise you'll find a watch you like on Naked Glory because they really do have a extremely wide range. I couldn't even decide which to choose because all the watches were so nice.. Vintage watches never go wrong! ;)

As you can see.. Most of their items run out of stock really quickly, so

You won't be disappointed :)




After my exams were finally over... I managed to find some time to spend with all my lovely cousins! Decided to head over to my cousin's place to celebrate my little niece's birthday :) She's a REAL BIG TIME CUTIE. I swear. You'll understand what I mean when you see her photos below.


She says that she's Alice in Wonderland. Hence, the blue dress. Hahaha. CUTENESS

DSC00258DSC00259DSC00261 copyDSC00266DSC00274

Sooo cute right?!?! Like a little model.. She couldn't stop posing. 


Spent some quality time with them watching Alice in Wonderland afterwhich we headed for supper.. You guys are th best you make me so happy!! :)


Advertorial x QUINZE.CO


To those who've been curious about which blogshops I've been modelling for.. Here's the 1st!!

I'm sure many of you have already heard about Quinze! I was truly honored to work with them :D Here's a video of Erica and I doing an opening for Quinze.co

And here are a few items from the shoot that day with Erica. The pictures were really awesome! (Credits to Fiona Sng)


These are only 8 items from their store. Due to limited time, we only managed to model for these 8!! Such a pity... But not to worry! There are a whole lot more goodies at quinze.co and are running out fast so quick head down!


I bet you've heard of Blogshop Festival and the upcoming flea already! Quinze is proud to be part of them so remember to follow them on their social media platforms for EVEN MORE discounts on that day!!!!

You MUST follow them on twitter because they’ll be tweeting to keep you updated the entire day. On things like where the booth will be located to promo codes and status of their clothes so make sure you don’t miss anything!!

Follow them now on twitter and instagram:

Twitter : www.twitter.com/quinzestore
Instagram : http://web.stagram.com/n/quinzestore/

And for your convenience, I have created this box for you to like their facebook page directly from me!! So do also like their fb page! :D

Not to forget, Quinze has two major competitions that are extremely attractive!

1: To win SGD50 shopping vouchers!!


Just follow them on all their social media platforms and you stand a chance to win! That's as simple as it is! The dateline for this contest is 16th December, which is JUST IN TIME FOR YOUR X'MAS SHOPPING!!!

2: How to win SGD150 cash (PS: let me emphasize again.. CASH!!!!)


This one is as easy as you think!! I'm sure you're gonna start shopping at Quinze after this post, and even if you don't see anything you like now, you might the next time so every time you make a purchase with Quinze, you actually stand a chance to participate!!!

How to participate?

All you have to do is shop and,

Email them at  info@quinze.co  in the following format:

Name :

Email :

Contact No. :

Age :

Address :

Order No. :

Your Comment :

(only paid orders will be qualified so shop now!)

Just leave them a comment of your own!! Like for me, I would really encourage them to bring in male clothes! It'd be great to shop with your bf right? Hehe

It's just that simple, and this contest ends on March 2013. So continue shopping on Quinze and send in your info to stand more chances of winning!!



Halloween 2012 PT 2


This was my last day of Halloween celebration where my friends and I dressed up! If you don't already know, I was Princess Jasmine and my bf was Aladdin :D I never expected myself to dress up as that but I was in love with the costume!! Thank god I've got a bf who's supportive enough to agree dressing up as Aladdin to couple with me. Hehehe

Our friend booked a chalet for everyone!


The chalet was well... A rather pleasant surprise! 


It was HUGGGEEEE!!! It had like 3 levels... I think you could call it a house.


The bed was so so comfy.. Just look at this... Which chalet provides such comfy beds?!


They even had a big tv. Truly left me impressed. I know I sound like I'm advertising for them LOL but really, after going to this chalet I honestly think the other chalets are... Nah. NO FIGHT MAN. Hahahaha


Hehehe.. This year's Halloween truly felt like Halloween because everyone was so spontaneous! I love spontaneous people


And guess what... We found a little hut outside that made me feel like it was a place where Aladdin and Princess Jasmine would live....


I went ''OMG! Here's like a place where they would marry''

Here's a short video of me in our ''house''. Hahahahaha


Ending my entry with a picture of an eyeball gummy.. Hehehe


Happy (belated) halloween everyone!!!
I hope you enjoyed yours!!