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By reading the title you might have already gotten an idea on what I'm going to talk about in this entry.... Yes. STUDYING WOES. Probably what a large number of you out there are currently facing right now. Which of course, sadly, includes me myself.. *sigh*

As a teenager I totally understand your predicament and all the pressure you guys are facing with your academics. (It's terrible I know!!!) Many teenagers believe that education is a key to gain a competitive edge in Singapore. True enough, given the current competitive society, commendable educational performance IS indeed vital for your road to success. I believe that myself, and I know how the pressure can really make you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.. It's like you can never feel at ease until you really see creditable results.. Tell me I'm right!! I know I am!

Besides pressure coming from you yourself, I can fully comprehend how much pressure your parents can inflict on you at times as well..

STUDYING_c_107508 copy

And amusingly this meme below TOTALLY depicts what happens to me all the time



Hahahaha well fret not. You're not alone. It ALWAYS happens to me... I too have always thought that my father was demanding in terms of my studies but of course as I grew up I started to be sensible enough to understand his expectations of me :) You should too!

Now I'm going to share with you a struggle story of my own that I've faced myself

I used to ace my academics when I was in primary school. (well of course, thanks to the simplicity of all the subjects at that time) However, unfortunately, the contents of the topics started to get heavier as I slowly ascended upper Secondary. Being a little too complacent, I started to neglect my studies... Thinking that I'll do alright with just a bit of studying.....


Yes. I totally flunked my exams.

 I was devastated... Given that I've never done so badly in my exams I immediately felt demoralised and I lost the confidence I had in myself. I guess I never expected my results to be so bad.

 At that point of time I was all....




I was so stressed up I couldn't even concentrate on my studies anymore. Everytime I wanted to study.... I would be like


Studying again??? No....... Erhmergerd.....


It was THAT bad. REALLY. This was how I used to study..


Nothing could get into my head despite going over my notes again and again. It was like a pointless thing to do to me, since I didn't understand that topic at all. And this just made me more frustrated!

I was sooo close to just giving up. But of course, being in an extremely pressurizing environment where EVERYONE around me was studying so hard and doing well, I knew it was time I really had to do something to my studies and courageously overcome the stress I was facing

One really helpful tip from me to you that has really helped me a lot


This is what will happen if you do


It doesn't help. AT ALL. 

I used to do this because I thought reading up a bit would already suffice but the night before....


But I was BAWLING my eyes out. You'll eventually end up forgetting everything because all that you can remember are just bits and pieces of information you had read! So do not study at the eleventh hour! There isn't going to be enough time for you to cover all your topics

How I'm actually studying currently has a lot of difference from years ago! Many of you have been asking how I balance studying with playing right? Now you can finally find out what you've been wanting to know! Here are a few of my personal studying tips :)

Prepare a month before the exams

Knowing that I'm a person who's really outgoing and like to play a lot... I always prepare myself a few weeks before the exams...  (or sometimes even earlier!) To ensure that I know every topic in depth and that I'm ready to pour out all the details I know. It's the MOST useful studying method to date that I know. It makes me feel less worried during the exams when I know that I'm well prepared!

You don't have to study every hour of everyday and stress yourself out. You'll end up suffering from burn out! You can always set aside a few hours to studying on each day and as it accumulates you'll realise you've already covered all your topics by starting early! Try to do that yourself! You'll realise the difference :)

Stay away from all electronic devices

THESE ARE... DEMONIC ITEMS!!!!! For all the teens out there I'm sure this is one of the challenge you're facing... To resist the temptation of using your computers/phones. I KNOW YOUR PAINSSSS!! The computer, iPhone, iTouch were always the worst distractions to me. Now that I'm aware of that I place my phone and laptop really really far away from me when I'm studying. Thanks to my laziness I'd be too lazy to walk to get it and thus I can divert ALL my concentration on studying! :) Always works for me. Hehe


In terms of your studies, your emotional stress or any difficulty you're facing. Seek help from the people around you. As clich├ęd it sounds, it is with no doubts, a really effective way in coping with your stress. Like I mentioned on top, nothing could get into my head despite studying the topics for long hours so after consulting my teachers more often now and with their sincere guidance I've really got a lot better at my weaker subjects! I actually even escalated to a B3 from a F9! It's not impossible at all :) So trust me, IT WORKS. Don't be shy or be too scared to consult your teachers! They can be of great help to you :)

And of course, a few more personal tips on how I relieve my stress!

Take breaks in between when studying

After studying for hours I start to realise I can't absorb any more information into my head.. That's when I realise my brain has fully exceeded its capability to retain... So whenever I feel like that I give myself a break and do something to relax myself and recharge my brain! Like going downstairs for 10 min walk or even exercise! (I do crunches/squats at home) It is perfectly normal to feel stressed up after studying for too long! Even a battery would be drained. So give yourself the short little break you deserve :)

Make time for other fun activities

It's not all about studying, studying and studying! Studying too much could drive me crazy! So besides studying, I planned other activities that would help me to relieve my stress, like spending some time with my family, or going out with my friends. I would go to starbucks, have a few cups of frappucino, and a little catch up time with my friends (one really relaxing activity I find). Truly stress relieving! Yes studying is good of course, but don't overwork yourself. Allow yourself to loosen up!


There are of course many other measures you can take to cope with your studies and stress :)

1) Apply COPE

C- Calm down.
When you find yourself stressed, stop doing your work for awhile. Do some deep breathing and calm yourself down.

O- Options.
Think of all the possible solutions to your problems and list them down. This would help you in salvaging the problems you're facing!

P- Positive thinking
Have confidence in yourself. Tell yourself that you can solve the issue at hand. Maintain a positive mindset! If there's a will there's a way :) Nothing is impossible!

E- Explore options
List down all the possible options you have in mind and list down the pros and cons of each. Then select the best option and take action to solve your problem.

2) Plan your time and activities

  • Keep a daily to-do list
  • Keep a calendar and schedule (include a time out for yourself)
  • Divide the larger and tougher tasks into smaller sub-tasks

3) Take care of yourself 

  • Rest and relax
  • Get sufficient quality sleep
  • Listen to music
  • Do deep breathing exercises

4) Learn to cope with expectations

Personal Expectations

  • Set realistic goals. You can raise your expectations as you achieve your targets (unrealistic expectations can make you lose confidence over time! This was what happened to me exactly)
  • Ask for help from supportive people e.g parents, friends
  • Mistakes are not failures. Learn from them and do better next time!

Parents' Expectations
  • Talk about their expectations of you (not all parents are unreasonable and demanding! parents will definitely make an effort to help you overcome your problems)
  • Discuss your feelings openly, calmly and honestly with them. I promise you they will understand!
  • Map out your own expectations and negotiate with them

Besides all these ways that you can help yourself.  BREATHE has offered to help as well!

Check out


www.breathe.sg contains a lot of information and resources where you can access to find out how you can better deal with your stress and studies :) They do not focus only on exam stress but also include your body and health as well!

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Breathe.sg has also made everything easier for you by attaching related posts at the sidebar where you can read related articles

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Not difficult to navigate at all! :)

What about you?
What are some of your personal tips to studying?

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Remember. Don't let your stress get to you! 
Believe in yourself :) 

Study hard everyone!!!
You can do it! *FIGHTING*