Dean & Deluca


The other day... My bf and I decided to head out for a date! Hehe. Was so excited and fully prepared to wake up early I actually set 5 alarms. And because we're always sleeping in on weekends, we're always unable to have a nice breakfast together so we decided to have a sumptous one that day :)

Our destination was Dean and Deluca!

Salmon! I love salmon :::DDDD

My bf's Mac and Cheese

Lo and behold........... *drum rolls*


So so yummy!!! The pancakes are so fluffy. Such a great satisfaction for my craving for pancakes *slurps* But it was a lil too huge for me... Think it'd be perfect for a couple's share.

Forcing my bf to finish the last piece for me because I couldn't bear to see it uneaten and wasted... Hahah


My reddish brown hair is back! Yay

Such a great day out in the sun with my sweetheart. X


Do you like my curls in this entry???? :D Here's my secret

I actually only separated my hair into 3 portions and tied 3 buns! No usage of any curlers or heating irons at all. Cool right. I was so impressed! It's a pity my hair's abit dry so the curls didn't look as nice but if your hair's in really good condition I assure you your hair's gna look perfect. Girls you shd rly go try! Really works and it's also extremely cost effective. Hahaha

Good night folks