Blue Garden Korean BBQ


Decided to end off my weekend sometime ago with a nice dinner with the guys! Was suffering from PMS and I had such a great appetite. So we settled for Korean bbq buffet.

The boys ate so much beef the poor waitress had to keep refilling! It was really yummy however. Their marinated beef was so appetitizing I ate so much I wanted to explode.

Ending off my dinner with a yummy dessert! Rather costly though... $3 per stick but it's so milky I love it! I wish they sold it at 7-11 or something :( Do they actually? I don't rmb seeing it anywhere... Let me know if you see it! 

Blue Garden Korean BBQ Buffet

Tel: 62240700
50 Tiong Bahru Link Hotel, #01-07, S(168733)


P/S: I'm actually thinking of buying a PANASONIC LUMIX G3. I love my G12 and I'll never get rid of it but I need a camera with higher megapixels! (Preferably one with a flipscreen)


Haven't seen anyone around me use it yet so I really need some reviews.
I need feedback from someone who's actually using the camera so please do share with me your comments!

Or even better recommend me some cameras? It'd be really helpful to me :)