The White Rabbit


Last Friday, we decided to have some good food for my friend who just came out of army. So we came to a decision for The White Rabbit! A place I've been wanting to dine at since months ago. SO HAPPY WE DECIDED TO GO THERE! I was excited for a whole week. 

The place was really pretty and cosy. 

Their yummy bread..... I can't rmb what it's called. But it's just nice and perfect to curb our hunger before our food came. Haha.

After waiting for quite awhile........ Our food is finally here!!!!

Tournedos Rossini. SO.DAMN.GOOD. 

Wild mushroom risotto

Salmon roulade. 

The one and only time I'll ever love any food that goes with tomato sauce. EXCEPTIONAL. CUS IT'S JUST..... I don't know what other word I can use for ''yummy''..... 

Lobster Capillini

The White Rabbit Mac and Cheese

Garlic Parsley escargots :DDDDD I LOVE ESCARGOTTSSSS!!!! (Please tell me if you happen to know any places that has delicious escargots)

Some little corner near the toilet. Really felt like I was Alice in Wonderland. Hahaha

Extremely satisfied tummy that night. Yum yum in my tums tums. Hehe. I'll definitely go back to White Rabbit cus almost everything they have is just so heavenly! For those who're interested:

The White Rabbit
39C HARDING ROAD (S)249541. 

Have a great Sunday!