I've been so busy I hardly have time to do my own things... I apologise for being so inconsistent in my updates! I've finally found the time today so I'm going to update about a restaurant I've been wanting to talk about since I've first patronized them. 

 Sho Teppan!

I love their unagi yaki udon but the other day I decided to try their beef rice!

However I still came to a conclusion that I love their unagi udon best.. Hehe.

My bf ordered their soup that came with the beef below!

I honestly... Didn't really like it cus the beef was SOOO difficult to chew I actually spitted it out. Lol.  Not sure if it was really bad or it's just me :/

Preferred the Wagyu :D

Ended off our dinner with vanilla and chocolate mochi!

The pictures make me so hungry.... Gonna rush out now for Gelare to meet Yoko from hirecalling (the one who designed my new blogskin) to finally do up my new blog! :D Can't wait for the new blogskin to be up!! 

Have a great weekend