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Presenting to you.....
A very generous blogshop that sponsored me with 3 items from their very 1st collection


White Shredded Skull Top (Which sadly.. Is alr sold out. They still have the black!)

The shape of this skull behind the top was so distinct and well cut! The material is also of really good quality because all the thin strands of cloth behind were still perfectly intact after a couple of washes in the washing machine. I matched it with a simple pair of black shorts and flip flops. Perfect for a casual day out!

Black Ombre Top

It isn't as dark as it is in the picture on their blogshop! It's actually a bit of a mixture of blue and grey and I think it's a much prettier colour than black :) Texture of the top is really comfortable as well! Silky smooth and doesn't make me feel as humid even tho it was in the afternoon. 


Peach Organic Floral Pants! (They also have it in yellow)

Loved the colours! I think all the colors looked great together. You don't have to stress over what to match it with cus you can just put on a plain spag top :) Most importantly, the jeans was really really comfortable cuz it's super stretchy. Definitely not the typical type of denim jeans you wear. It's much softer I promise you! Worth the investment of only 30 bucks :)

After wearing all 3 of these items from their store I'm pretty sure that all the items on their store are of great quality! (HONEST OPINION)

What are you waiting for!?!?


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