Batam day 1


Finally... Updating on my trip to Batam for the bf's birthday! 

The 3 of them who were already waiting on the ferry for us... We had to literally RUN for the ferry cus we were so so late. It felt so exciting hahaahahha 


After an hour of travelling..... Here we are. Finally at our hotel! (Which was Holiday Inn Resort. In case you're wondering)

The guys' room:

Which consists of a huge living room! And 2 bedrooms

Happy Darryl. Hahaha

My bf and mine's:

We had separated beds tho... Didn't bother to change the room but decided to just sleep on one instead because it was only for a night anyway.

We had like... A ''privacy'' door thing. Hahahaha. COOL


Had our lunch at a nearby coffeshop.. Which was... Terrible. 

The poor fishes... That barely had any water to survive on...

Prepare yourselves...

THE WORST MEE REBUS I've ever eaten in my life. I just had to take this photo to show you how bad it was.... I just.. Wanted to faint.

An ultra adorable young girl.... She couldn't stop pouting. Too cute

Off to shop! And here's our guardian angel for the day..... Our personal chauffeur! Hehe.

The sale of knives..... OPENLY. Traumatizing. 

JC donuts at a super cheap price

Time for massage! I WAS SOOO EXCITED!!! But we had to wait till 9 cus the appointments were all fully booked. So we went to the nearby arcade to kill some time.

Settled our dinner as well

Had Ba Kut Teh! Which was surprisingly good!

Back to the hotel after our massage for a chilling session! I wish I had taken photos of their guys when we were going for a massage... All of them were so frightened wahahahahha it's so funny and cute

The guys bought a whole carton of beer cus it was so cheap..

That's all for day 1! There wasn't much to do but I guess everyone had their share of fun! Stay tuned for day 2~~~

Have a pleasant Friday!