Nihon Mura x Five & Dime


Lunch at Nihon Mura the other day

Shisamo!!! BEST CREATION OF FISHES EVERRRR. It's so convenient to consume (I hate eating food thats required to remove bones) Not to mention that there are also EGGS.. NOM. 

So yummy... I love tofus

Ate quite a lot but it was really cheap! Only about 40 bucks! If you want to have cheap japanese food this is definitely the place I promise. Haha plus it's really accessible. (Most yummy restaurants are often secluded) It's just at the lobby of Cathay!

Dinner after with my best at Five & Dime after :)


Cute fish and chip plate

I think it's a great thing we try to find time for each other just so we can catch up every now and then despite leading our own lives :) The effort we're willing to put in for a relationship is such an important thing. Hmm

I love youuuuuu Erics :*

Have a great week y'all!
It's already Wed, hang on!