Kushigin x Kbox


Avengers screening last Friday! It was soooo good! I LOVE ROBERT DOWNEY. Yummy

Thank you Gushloud!

Went to have dinner before the movie at Cuppage in a Japanese restaurant called Kuchigin! My friend forgot the name of the nice restaurant I supposedly wanted to patronise but I had a craving for unagi don so we settled for what we could first find! And I think Kuchigin wasn't even that bad to start with because it was fully packed!

And the unagi was.............. SOOO GOOD. I don't know if it's the sauce but the fish itself didn't contain any small tiny bones so that's already a big bonus! You know how some unagi can make your throat feel so uncomfortable cus you can still feel the bones? Ya... I think the first step to  achieving yummy unagi is to ensure you successfully soften the bones. And they did it perfect!

Some bacon roll that came with quail eggs! Forgot to take a photo of it cus I was so distracted thanks to my love for eggs. LOL

Their soba! Which my bf claimed was good. Never had a liking for cold food. Haha


Helped my best friend with her photoshoot yesterday! With a bad eye infection... Hence the sunglasses

And then we had dinner after at Olivia~ Really nice place to have dinner

Aglio Olio! 

Sunny side up carbonara with an egg yolk!!! Yumsss but I got sick of it 

Fries for my bestie who loves potato

Off for Kbox with Mae and Erica!!!!! This time we're short of Emmeline... TSK. Always so difficult to have a perfect outing :( It was soooo fun however.... I wish I could've recorded down some funny moments but I'm always too late in fishing out my camera. LOL.

Pardon the little amt of pictures... I felt horrible with my swollen eye (which isn't rly obvious in the pictures thanks to the contrast)

Have a great Mother's Day this weekend!!!!!!!