Spooky treasures


A few pictures of people who looks better with the hairtie

P/S: Sorry ah.... I cannot carry off the jap look. Hahahaha. TRIED MY BEST!

When I was approached to do the advertorial for spooky treasures, I was initially quite hesitant because they only specialise in one item and lack the plethora of variety a normal blogshop would offer. I wasn't sure if I should do it because I didn't want to do a bad job...  However I decided to give it a go because the owner was such a nice girl! When I received my requested item it exceeded my expections. (Swear I'm not exaggerating) The hair bow was not made from filmsy material and the rubber was neither the kind that would break with a few stretches. Valid for the money one would pay for these! I like how peculiar these hair ties are with a little morbidity. Furthermore injected with a little girlie-ness because of the candy colored bows! Especially since these are brought in from the UK and are in limited quantities, the likelyhood of seeing someone here with the same thing as you is almost zero. So if you're more inclined to bones and sugar skulls, you should really check them out!