Redang day 1


Bf's camwhore vibes starts raging.... Hahahaha

On the bus getting ready for our killer journey!

Which wasn't that much of a killer becus the weather was so conducive to sleep in... And the coach was rather comfortable! For me at least. Pretty sure my bf had a hard time falling asleep becuz he couldn't find a space to stretch his legs.... Hahahahahaha. 

On the ferry otw to Redang island from the jetty!!!

I'm quite impressed by this picture I've taken...... 

The water is just so damnnnn clear.... I think I'm gna be unconsciously iterating how clear the sea water is so do be prepared.... LOL.


Our resort was a lil further down from the jetty so we had to walk a distance. We stayed at Redang Pelangi btw (in case you're wondering!) Wld HIGHLY recommend Laguna Resort to y'all tho. That resort looks way more luxurious!

Rather mediocre food we ate for the few days we were there. Hmm... They were mostly home cooked food? Aren't much of a diff compared to the meals we have at home and they aren't THAT impressive. I don't mean that it's bad but it doesn't look exactly appealing so not much photos of the food were taken!

Rented their underwater camera for only 50RM for the whole afternoon! CHEAP CHEAP! 

Getting ready for our snorkelling trip!!!!

Not bad right the underwater camera? The sharpness of our faces explains the clearness of the water. Hahahah

Pretty coralssss. It was so cold at the sea bed!

This thing gives me the creeps...

LOL rather unglam pose.... It wasn't easy to take a picture underwater with the float. You keep going up to the surface!!! 

When I was feeding the fishes... Hehehe so much excitement. They would all swim and snatch for the food right infront of your face IN A BIG SWARM. It can get frightening at times esp when they all seem like they're eating you up. LOL

Done with snorkelling. Back to bathe and get ready for the night!

Making our way to Laguna Resort for the souvenir stores and other shops there

THIS IS LAGUNA. Exquisite no?! It's really quite chio. Looks like a perfect place to live in on an island. Hahaha

Famous ''More More Cha'' shop where a few artists filmed a movie! (DK what it's called but that's what I heard haha)

Crossing the bridge to scout for BLUE sand. Many said after 12 midnight when you kick the sand it'll turn blue and sparkle! Sounds so magical we had to find it

Made a U-TURN back because our search for blue sand was a fail :(

That was all for day 1!

Been wanting to dive since I was in pri school.... So glad I got to snorkel! Which was obviously good enough because I got my opportunity to swim with so many fishes! Once again, of course, thanks to my awesome bf who managed to pyscho his aunt to plan for this trip. Hehehehe. How can I ever repay this boy.