Chikuwa Tei x JB


Friday night to Newton for dinner with my bf

Saturday morning spent with my babies!!!!!

They brought me to Chikuwa Tei!!!! 

My friends have such a wide knowledge of SG's yummy food they're like my food directory sometimes.. Hahahaha. Explains why I know where to head to for great food all the time :D Hehehe.

Chef in action.. 

Super thick sliced salmon.... SO DAMN GOOD!!!! It's a must try.

Chikuwa Don! Which was what they were famous for. Raw fish with sushi rice! It's just like salmon sushi.. IN A BIG BOWL. So if you like sushi then I'm sure you'd love this. Hahahaha

Beef rice!

Chawanmushi! Another food that's famous there.

Chicken teriyaki! Which hm... Wasn't much of a big deal :/

My favourite dish. Salmon teriyaki. BESTEST.  Definitely the perfect choice for someone with a sweet tooth!

My sexy girl who's too shy for the camera

Done with lunch and off to JB!!!!!!

Hahahahahahhahahahahaha Emmeline doing her thang again

Some chocolate thingy from Auntie Anne's... Do they have this in sg?!

Milo powder + condensed milk crepe... *.*

Done shopping at City Square. Dinner time at the famous market!

Gigantic sugarcane

Petai!!!! My favourite veg since young... The boys said it tastes like shit and there's a funny feeling in your throat after :( I don't think so tho? I really love it..!!! I think there aren't alot of people who actually like petai.. Or even knows about its existence. LOL

Sucky stingray that was so disappointing and terrible looking that I didn't dare to give it a try. 

Butter crayfish!!!!

Cereal crayfish!!!!

Such a sumptous meal. 

Back to SG with our exploding tummies

P/S: Packing my bags now for Redang in a few hours time.. 10 hours bus ride... OH GODDDD. But I can't wait to snorkel!!!!!! I LOVE MY BF. NO ONE CAN COMPARE!!!! 

I'll be back with many sunny pictures :)