Spooky treasures


A few pictures of people who looks better with the hairtie

P/S: Sorry ah.... I cannot carry off the jap look. Hahahaha. TRIED MY BEST!

When I was approached to do the advertorial for spooky treasures, I was initially quite hesitant because they only specialise in one item and lack the plethora of variety a normal blogshop would offer. I wasn't sure if I should do it because I didn't want to do a bad job...  However I decided to give it a go because the owner was such a nice girl! When I received my requested item it exceeded my expections. (Swear I'm not exaggerating) The hair bow was not made from filmsy material and the rubber was neither the kind that would break with a few stretches. Valid for the money one would pay for these! I like how peculiar these hair ties are with a little morbidity. Furthermore injected with a little girlie-ness because of the candy colored bows! Especially since these are brought in from the UK and are in limited quantities, the likelyhood of seeing someone here with the same thing as you is almost zero. So if you're more inclined to bones and sugar skulls, you should really check them out!


Redang day 3


Seashells I picked!!!! So pretty right! 

I just wna eat the clouds... NOMZ

Hehehe.... Pestering my bf for a photo

Taking the speed boat back to the jetty! 

Hahahahahahahhahaa.... Cute t shirt of a man sitting opp us

There wasn't much on the third day.... It was basically just waking up, breakfast and then back home :( I had such a great time away from SG I wish I could've stayed longer! Still haven't got my chance to look for blue sand.... :( I'll def go again! But this time with friends... Hehehe. Getaways once in awhile can be so stress relieving even if it's just a short weekend. 

Once again, I love you Ivan
You make me the most blessed girl


Redang day 2


DAY 2!!!!

Up at 8am for breakfast

Ready for our 2nd snorkelling trip. Where we never took photos because there wasn't any more underwater cameras left for rent :( Meh.... What a waste.

Played beach volleyball while waiting for the boat!

Hahahahahahaha enthu.... Whole family come and play

My bf back with sunburns... Hahhaha

See how dry my face was crazy exposure to the sunlight?! :( Grr... I dno how my bf's sister does it. She didn't even have ONE pimple after the trip. UNFAIR. Ppl who are born with good skin are just lucky :( I'm suffering with a bad breakout now.... Oh lord.

The sun that hasn't set even at 8pm

Spending some family time!

Tried their ''Redang Boombastic'' which sounded quite interesting hahaha but erm t'was just some korean sake I think...

Super patriotic people starting up the dancefloor!! LOL. Enjoyed watching them a lot even tho we didn't join in cus everyone was so happy. Hahaha.

Done with the night~~~

Dead tired after a whole day out. HAHA look at how dark I am btw :(

Chao tah max

OKIE. Bye bye!!!! DAY 3 COMING UP!