Kim's Family Food x Swollen eye


So guess where my bf brought me to for dinner last week!!!

Hehehe... Authentic korean food!

Not really a fan of korean food and I don't eat it often.... So I can't really rate the food there. My bf liked it tho! And I can say the beef was really yummy!

A Korean supermarket just beside!

I have such a doting bf do I not :D hehehe. We're both just gna eat so much until we grow fat and explode. I wna have all the good food in the world!!!!!!


P/S: I'm sick today :'(

Took me a lot of courage to post this up okay... I had to crop it in such an angle so that I won't look that uggs. Hahaha. I don't know what is this swell tho..... Some told me it's insect bite, some told me its conjunctivitis, some told me it's ''bak jiam''... Ah. I can't be too sure anyway so I'm going to see a doctor cuz it's getting worse.. Initially I thought it'd get better after a few washes but apparently not :( Oweeelllssss.

Have a good day you guys.
Stay healthy