Taipei; DAY 3


Off to take the train to our destination! Jiams was the tourguide. I'm sorry but I have totally no recollection of where we went that day.... So many places so many different names

Lines which are supposedly there for people to ''queue''. SO PROPER. SG shd totally start implementing this.... So many kiasu people around. Forever squeezing their way through.

Highly attracted to their convenient stores... 

Super cute puppy we saw on the streets!!!! FREAKIN TINY IN REAL LIFE. 

Here we are at SOGO! Their departmental store!

DTF for lunch!

DAMN CHEAP... Like almost half the price of DTF in SG.

So we spammed the xlbs... Hehehe


Poor Jiams. Guinea pig for some salesgirl who was trying to promote her products. Straight away stick without warning. 

Undercover!!! Which was quite a disappointment :(

Finally found our Jeffrey Campbells!!!! Where we nvr bought anything..... -_- cus the prices were umm apparently almost the same as ordering online so yea. B0ooh0oo

Cool princess chair IN THE TOILET. Haha

Even the cleaners has a uniform to wear!!! SO CUTE!

Back to the hotel to unload our buys....

Time for dinner!!!

Condom world.. LOL


DOLCE~ A really nice pub Eve was working at.

Red velvet cake.. TOO GOOD

Their snowball!!! Which was... MEH. HAHAHA (Eve don't kill me) I think they added in too much alcohol therefore the bitter taste... But I appreciate their effort for bothering to prepare it for us despite not really knowing how to. Hahaha! Nice people you see.

Off to Primo!!! It was like their "Rebel/Zirca'' in sg. Their famous club was ''Luxy'' I heard. Just wanted to head over to check it out!

The outside of the club. SO PRETTY!

The toilet!!! So nicely designed right! All their toilets look so nice to pee in... HAHA

Gr8 gr8 night! I thank Eve forbringing us around! Wouldn't have been able to without her :)

Now that I've finally blogged abt day 3.... Here's a final vid of a summary for the 3 days. HEHE