USS; dec


Thanks to instagram and all the photo apps, I find a camera less useful to me now... Omg. #ithinkneedaniphone :(

impromptu plan to head to USS last Sunday. 

I don't know why our plans are ALWAYS so impromptu and extreme. Some dude would just come up with a crazy idea and then we would all end up following it. (Just like the genting trip) LOL... Plus this USS trip was carried out immediately after a whole night of partying and WITHOUT A WINK OF SLEEP. I don't know how we managed to survive!?! Everyone was suffering and all whiney. Poor Ivan was still drunk at 11am, that's how bad it was. Hahahahaha. I don't know how Emmeline even managed to sit the Cylon and the Human?!! GOD..... I think I'd puke my lungs out. But anyhoossss it was a good day spent despite the discomfort all of us were in. Impromptu plans always work best. Hehehe