Taipei; NIGHT 1


On the plane and off we gooo~~~~


SUPER SCAM.....  $5 for cup noodles. Damn crazy!!! But we ate it anyway cus we were too hungry. Hahaha Tiger has a smart way of earning money

Yay after 5 hours of flight. Here we are at Taiwan's airport!

Taking a bus to the nearest MRT

Next was the train to Taipei

And then the taxi to our hotel!

Off to dapao dinner~~~~

3 storey KFC

MY FAVOURITE CORNDOG!!!!!! I ate 1 like almost everyday

Some cold kueh or smth.. Didn't try it cus I don't really fancy kuehs. But still it looks really cute. Like water babies. LOL

I love their convenient stores.... EVERYTHING LOOKS SO COLOURFUL

If you're ever going to Taiwan you HAVE TO try this. BEST PUDDING EVER. Available at their 7-11s.  

Lu Rou Fan. Only 1 freaking SGD!!!

Back to the hotel to eat cuz there wasn't much for us to do and most of the shops at Xi Men Ding were already closed by the time we got there :( Stay tuned for day 2!