Taipei; DAY 2



Which was umm.... Rather pathetic. And unfilling. Was actually looking fwd to a breakfast buffet with pancakes and lotsa beef sticks and bacon :( Meh. Disappointing. But yea since we alr paid for it, might as well!

Ready to go!

Off to meet Eve at Xi Men Ding for some shopping!

Tried their famous bbtea! Which is like KOI in sg? We got the normal milk tea. SUPER GOOD. All their milk teas are damn shiok. Like authentic kind. Hahaha. No matter where you're drinking their milk tea it all tastes the same and equally good. IDK if it's just me..

Stopped by to try some yummy looking food

Tastes as good as it looks.  LOTSA FILLING!!! The ppl there are damn generous

Hahahaha some penis pancake or smth...... 



Taiwan's famous Ah Zhong Mian Xian for dinner! Crazy long queue and there wasn't even any tables. Nobody really gave a shit even if they had to stand and eat.  Proves how good the noodle really is. Hahaha

MY FUCKING HUSBAND OMG....... _ I literally went to take a picture tho it was just a piece of cardboard.. Hahahahahaha cannot believe it. But he's so handsome la please!!!!!!!! I think I almost brought the whole thing home. Hahahahahahahaha 

Whole shop selling falsies. Spoilt for choice

Super cute dude.... With a mask -_- LOL Emmeline kept asking him to remove but he insisted. Damn wasted lor. Couldn't see his whole face. Hahahaha. He has such nice eyes!!! 

Anyway, speaking of masks. There are quite a handful of ppl with masks on over there o_o I was told it's because they've got flu or smth. But I saw this girl with a mask on becus she went for surgery. Like I could see her bandaged nose and her eyelids were red and all swollen :/ I think it's quite common over there.. They've gt banners of fillers and beauty surgeries almost everywhere. No wonder so many pretty girls :( And I heard it's damn cheap? Wlao.... WAS SO TEMPTED TO JUST GO AND INJECT MY FACE. Hahahahaha.

Hehe corndog again. YUMM

EGGS!!!! *_*

Found this picture really sweet :)

Smelly tofu!!! 好吃 好吃!!

Back to the hotel to put our stuff becus everything was so heavy

Laze a lil bit.... And out again to do our nails!!! ^^

ONLY 40SGD!!!! (Don't ask me on my fs anymore) CHEAP OR WHAT RIGHT!? Not gellish tho but chio enough to last me for the last few weeks of my hols 

Dapao-ed food back to the hotel again for supper hehehe

Day 2 was just shopping and more shopping at Xi Men Ding! There wasn't much to buy cus mostly were winter clothes but I'm happy with my buys cus everything was so cheap hehehe