Genting 2011; Night 1/day 1


I'M BACK!!!!!

If you're following me on twitter... You should've already known that I just went on a super impromptu trip to genting. Yes.... It was so impromptu to the extend that we booked the tickets only 3 hours before we left. INSANE NO!? Overwhelming spontaneity. Hahaha. Received a call saying ''WE'RE GOING GENTING TONIGHT!!!'' And before I knew it, we were alr on the coach. Hahahaha. ENTHU PEEPS. \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ

 We were a real lucky bunch! Got approached by a random stranger who offered to sell his room to us at only 100RM that night. Initially we were supposed to stay awake till the next day cuz we were only able to check in at 3pm. Thank god for the uncle, I wouldn't know how we'd survive without sleep. 

Up up and ready for the day!

Breakfast at Only Mee :) They've gt super cute restaurant names... Rmb one was ''curry in a hurry'' haha so cute right!

Dinner at Causeway Bay!

Super shiok..... 

Done with dinner.. Off to walk around

It was such a good good night... Plus we could do anything we want without having to worry abt any judgements since we were in a foreign country. Hahaha. You wouldn't wna know what ding dong actions we did when we went back t the hotel... I have the most fail friends on Earth. Wahahahaha but so fun to be with :)