Genting 2011; Night 1/day 1


I'M BACK!!!!!

If you're following me on twitter... You should've already known that I just went on a super impromptu trip to genting. Yes.... It was so impromptu to the extend that we booked the tickets only 3 hours before we left. INSANE NO!? Overwhelming spontaneity. Hahaha. Received a call saying ''WE'RE GOING GENTING TONIGHT!!!'' And before I knew it, we were alr on the coach. Hahahaha. ENTHU PEEPS. \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ

 We were a real lucky bunch! Got approached by a random stranger who offered to sell his room to us at only 100RM that night. Initially we were supposed to stay awake till the next day cuz we were only able to check in at 3pm. Thank god for the uncle, I wouldn't know how we'd survive without sleep. 

Up up and ready for the day!

Breakfast at Only Mee :) They've gt super cute restaurant names... Rmb one was ''curry in a hurry'' haha so cute right!

Dinner at Causeway Bay!

Super shiok..... 

Done with dinner.. Off to walk around

It was such a good good night... Plus we could do anything we want without having to worry abt any judgements since we were in a foreign country. Hahaha. You wouldn't wna know what ding dong actions we did when we went back t the hotel... I have the most fail friends on Earth. Wahahahaha but so fun to be with :)



I'm in bed with a cup of milo and tumblr on my dashboard.
It's pouring tonight....... I'm glad to be under my sheets.

Anyway, I have something to share!

This app is amazing!!!! You have to download it! You have to pay $0.99 tho.... But it's too cute! Worth the money! I can play with it all day. Hahaha.


Appstore has so many wonderful apps.. Esp the photo apps. Omg. I have like 3 albums on my itouch. Makes me wna change to an Iphone so bad. Everyone's getting a 4S now!!!! Meh.... Lesser and lesser bbm contacts everyday :(

Alrighty bye now~~~~~

Halloween 2011


And so I decided to be Mr Charlie Chaplin this year! Well I was Minnie Mouse, initially.... But my dad said smth to me which made me change my mind. ''Every girl is going to be girly.... If you're pretty, there's always someone out there prettier than you. If you want to stand out, just be unique'' And yes, true enough.... There were soooo many pretty Minnie Mouses that night :( Thank god I decided to heed my father's advice or else I think my self esteem wld be so badly damaged. Lol. At least I didn't feel so bad because I THINK I was 1 of the only few ''men'' around? Hahaha.

What about you folksss what did y'all dress up as??? I heard there was umm... An Ipod or smth? Hahahaha so cute lah I think that's 1 of the most interesting I've heard so far. Share with me some interesting and unique costumes you've seen? :) I'm super interested to hear! If one day I suddenly become exceptionally spontaneous maybe I'll consider dressing up as 1 of those... Bwahaha.

Ivan! (Fail Hitler because no scissors to cut moustache) Hahahahahahhaha

Mr Bean!!!!! Hahaha! There was even Obama.... But we didn't get to take a picture :(

Off to NN to look for Kevvy!

Hahahahaha sorry man...... I know I couldn't stop it with this pose. It's not that I don't realise ah.... I DO. But I really didn't know how else to act cool as a boy. JUST PARDON ME LAH K..... It's just for this entry! Hahahaha.

I really had a gr8 gr8 gr8 Halloween! The best thing is I got to celebrate it with my girls again this year. Feels really nice :) 


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