And so I was being a lil cranky on Friday when things weren't really going as planned. Was throwing a bad bad bitch fit. Refused to get out of my house cuz I was in such a bad mood.... And I was feeling a little upset. T'was a really bad start for a Friday for me :( And my mood never got any better throughout the night. Until I received a surprise :)

K: I bring you somewhere
Me: Huh... Where???
K: Somewhere you'll like! 
Me: Where!!!
K: Bring your passport

He drove me into JB for yummy food!!! If you're following me on my twitter I'm pretty sure you've noticed how I often emphasize on how good food makes me happy :) Hahaha. 

He brought me to a small town where his grandma was staying! The place was amazing.... It was like a little kampong! Everything was so old and vintage and everyone looked so simple and happy. Heartwarming feeling :)

He asked for this picture! Hahaha so cute right!

Everything was soooo cheap!!! 

Back to SG after :( Loved the place. I wouldn't mind going in just to have yummy cheap food every now and then. It was really so cheap we actually spent less than 20 SGD. Hahahaha. Next time I'll go in the afternoon!!! Then maybe I can get to explore all the shops hehe. I love feeling foreign in a new place! Anywhere out of SG would be nice enough.

Love you best.
I've been happy with your company.
Thank you.