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10 facts about me


'Nuff of pictures of me partying.... I'm starting to get bored. Today I'm gna start with 10 facts about me!

1) I have a funny bone on my nose bridge that is always mistaken as a pimple
2) My pinky is always sticking out when I'm holding a cup (wahahahahahaha)
3) I cannot multi task, AT ALL. (Very bad at it in fact) Especially when I'm on my phone
4) I'm a big time cry baby. (Proven)
5) I'm late most of the time
6) I am SUPER dependent. So dependent it's starting to get bad. I cannot do things on my own.
7) I can never look at someone in the eye for more than 5 secs, I'll end up covering my face
8) I have a fetish for boys who are fair.
9) I am very very attached to my phone. I use it at least 24/7.
10) I will try to save up on anything except for cabs.

Ok that's abt it... Now that I've mentioned quite a few things that some of you probably do not know or have not noticed.... I hope you wouldn't actually pay more attention to like my fingers when I'm drinking or sth. HAHAHAHA. 


P/S: I spotted this interesting bus in parading in town ystd! 

We're actually asked to guess what's exactly behind the curtain. You see the shadow there? Yes yes go make a guess what it is! It actually looks like a starfish to me or sth. PATRICK? Hahahaha IDK. 

Go go make your guess on www.mcdwin.com!

Attractive goodies to be won! :)