Picture perfect


Like my wall of polariods???? :)

I love polariods!! One of the best ways to capture meaningful moments. Esp moments that're alr gone and will never come back. Polariods make really good memories. Plus it's a super portable and convenient camera. All you've to do is to get films and you're ready to start on your collection ;)

The best thing is.... They don't only have plain films nowadays but they also have different cartoons designs! Like winnie the pooh, disney princesses and etc! Super cutesy!


And.... The bestest thing is, they've got polariods in HK designs!!! Cutesy times ten! Hahaha.


So if you haven't got yours... What're you waiting for!!!! It's definitely worth the money! Not costly at all :) All at affordable and reasonable prices. And it only takes ard 1-2 weeks to arrive. Faz faz! Hahaha.