I know.... I haven't been updating for awhile. Been busy with school. Pfft. It's taking up all my time.... And ntm that my fb and everything else got hacked.... So I didn't really have the mood to actually do anything online. LOL. I felt so lost lor... Nothing to login to and nothing to use at all, except for my formspring (which wasn't hacked). But surprisingly the hacker was kind (enough) to at least return me my e-mail's password through dm-ing myself on twitter. Thank god I didn't logout of twitter from ubersocial on my bb.


Somebody explain this to me? I really do not get it!? Why would anyone wna be so cruel? (And then apologise after) Morever this is the 2nd time I'm getting this kinda bullshit lor. DK what I did to deserve this?! The 1st time was worse tho... If I'm not wrong it was in '08? I had all my posts and pictures deleted. I lost EVERYTHING. I was really so upset la... Imagine having all your photos deleted?! All the memories gone. Omg the thought of it already makes me sour :'(

Thanks to my e-mail which I managed to get back, I was able to retrieve my blogger and my twitter. However, unfortunately, my facebook was left stranded cuz I used a different e-mail and I can't remember the password for the e-mail that I used. SMARTY PANTS ME. Worst thing is, the hacker decided to be a total meanie and not return me my fb. I wonder what's up in that person's mind.... REALLY.  Ding dong lor.

Been contemplating if I shld report this to the authorities. My friend reported about hers and got the culprit suspended from school from a year. Didn't know the authorities would really see into cases like these o_o I honestly wouldn't wish for anyone to get into trouble cus of me lah :/ I think I'll be guilty for life.... But I'm really damn interested to know who the culprit is. And I really want my facebook account back cus the new one feels so dead and empty!?! Sigh but come to think of it, if I don't report and let this pass again, it's just going to happen for the 3rd time. AND I'M NOT GONNA ALLOW THAT. So yeap.... Why should I be nice to the hacker if he/she decides to screw me up like that right. Grrr how can anyone be as unlucky as me?!!!? :(

Anyway, I hope everyone wld be more aware of their accounts now that this misfortune has befallen me :( Rmb to not reveal your emails! The hacker can easily get your password if they have the hacking programme. And rmb to use different passwords for ur accounts! 

P/S: I created a new account so stop adding my old one~~ You can just click on the badge above :)


Munching pandas has launched a new collection!!!!

One of my few favourite pieces! Realised that I actually look pretty o-kay in nude colours... Haha maybe I shld start buying more of colours like these. Anyway, they have lotsa nice clothes in this collection. Hehe.