A random night over at Mae's :) T'was a good chilling night! Doing our girl thing.... Manicure and all. Hahahaha.

Ok that's about it. Hahahaha. Will update on the flea soon! :)

Fai sof's mixtape


Fai has released his 1 hr Romp Mixtape!!!

S.O.F 1hr Romp Mixtape by S.O.F

& not to forget his June's mixtape

S.O.F June Mixtape by S.O.F

Good shit huh :)

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Fabric devour has launched a new collection!!!!!

Brown Throwover Cape
Price: SGD$24.50
Measurements: Approx 21” down, Approx PTP 35.5”
Fits: UK6 - 12

Leopard Split Back
Price: SGD$25.00
Measurements: Approx PTP 17.5”, Approx 17” down
Fits: UK6 - 10

Black Long Tail Tunic
Price: SGD$24.00
Measurements: Approx 23” down (front), 33” down (back), Approx PTP 20”
  Fits: UK6 - 12

I think this piece is rly nice!!! Quick quick go get it! LAST PIECE ALR! Hahaha

Been looking ard for tops like these at the flea for th past 2 days..... Sadly thr wasn't, or maybe I never managed to spot any :( But HERE IT IS! So glad they approached me because I don't hv to spend time searching online anymore. Hehehe. They carry all the clothes that will definitely catch my eye when I go shopping lor. Plus it goes well with almost any pair of shoe! Wedges/boots/sandals etc! Suuuuper plus point! :)And if you haven't noticed, it's mostly chiffon. Wahahahaha.... I really do have a thing with chiffon.


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Mae's 16th


All panicking to get ready to surprise Mae...... 

FUCKING YUMMY MUD CAKE. NTM that it's deco is fantastic! Amazing how a boy can bake so well. Major plus point. Hahaha. Thumbs up Cephas!

Our prezzie for the birthday girl! 

Happy sweet 16th Mae!!!!!!!

So yes... Our surprise for Mae was a success as well!!! She even cried whilst reading the book. N'aww :)  Hehehe. Thanks to her brother and her mother for their help to ensure that everything went smooth. Really helpful people. Hahaha. Love you Mae mae. Hope you liked everything and enjoyed your night! 

Emme's 18th


Hahahahaha my camera was more or less useless that night... LOL

Happy 18th Emme! 

So our surprise for her was a success! Tho I wasn't present to see her happy face. Hahaha. But the guys did a really good job :) Especially Samuel. Who was in charge of almost everything... Booking the hotel and all. I'd have to admit I didn't actually fork out much, but I'm glad the girl was happy :) We all had fun! I guess all the money was worthwhile at the end of the day. Hahaha. Happy birthday again Emme! We love you.