Date with my best


Last Tuesday I met Erica for a lil shopping in town! Had our favourite toastbox! With milo dinosaur. Hehe :) Found a secret relaxing spot as well. It's like a....... Sofa bed? Plus it looks super cute aesthetically! We planned to buy that kinda sofas for our future house. Hahahaha. I can't even imagine being her neighbour now. Not to mention staying UNDER ONE ROOF. Siao, chaotic lor. Hahahaha. I LOVE MY BESTFRIEND. If I'm really leaving for Aussie I'll miss her the most :( :( :(

Perfect Rivals



Yes, this is me. Totally makeupless, with specs and no contact lenses. I'm supposed to be in school but I woke up late so I'm home trying to finish up my work because I feel too guilty for not going back to school. Hahaha. And yes btw.... Here's Irene Ang's new movie!!!

Perfect Rivals!

It's like smth I'll definitely watch. Hahaha. I LOVE CHINESE MOVIES! Not to mention that it's really funny and it gives off this ancient feel. Like y'know, back in the 80's or smth. Pretty sure the adults will like it. And there're so many pretty actresses... Kekeke.

Last meal for the day


Sorry for neglecting this space, ONCE AGAIN. Been feeling rather shitty for the past few weeks. No doubt, things aren't getting any better. But yeah, I guess shit just happens. Never thought I'd go through this again 3 years later. Lol, seems like it all repeats like a fucking cycle.

Anyhow, pictures tht day at Ajisen Ramen w the girls before I headed over to Erica's for a stay over ;)