Happy birthday to me


K so this was how my b'day went...

Went to meet Erica for sushi at Cathay, still harbouring some hopes to see Emme and Mae surprising me despite them having told me that they couldn't make it. But yea, my hopes were dashed. Erica was the only one who turned up.

Didn't have the appetite to eat anything at all, but still decided to go have sushi cus I didn't want my baby Erics to feel like her efforts were wasted.

This was all I ate

After hanging around for awhile, Erica told me she had to meet her buyer at the MRT. So yep, still feeling as lousy as hell, I followed her.

Moments later....

Erica: K now I'm bringing you to your surprise. I can't even remember where I hid it.
Me: Huh? Then where's your buyer?
Erica: There's no buyer la, I lied to you.
Me: HUH!!!??
Erica: Lucky it didn't rain these few days lor. Kk now I have to try to recall where I left it.
Me: What is it? A CAKE?
Erica: That's so cliche la.

And then I started to smile. Before Erica led me to the destination with her hat in my face. (There wasn't a blindfold) Hahahaha. Had a rather hard time getting there because there were so so so many steps. And I wasn't even able to peek! Cus that silly girl was going all ''OI!!! CANNOT CHEAT!'' Hahahaha.

So after a long walk, I was finally allowed to open my eyes. That very scene infront of me was worth more than a thousand floating lanterns. I SWEAR.

Mae, Emmeline, Sherman, Erwin and Jerrold appeared with a cake and started singing the birthday song. I CRIED, IMMEDIATELY. LOL I've always wondered how a person could cry so easily when they receive surprises. Hah. I'm pretty damn sure I know how it feels now. It's just, indescribable!?! I was really so touched la, I couldn't stop crying. Hahahaha.

Didn't get to video everything down :(

Hahahahahahaha. SEE. MY SWOLLEN EYES. Authentic cry baby.

And then I received a 2nd surprise!!!!

Someone who meant a lot to me, appeared with these 2 kitties. Could've cried again but I held it in. It was so overwhelming, I can't even find the right words to describe.

To the ones who planned the surprise, and to the rest who made it happen. Thank you, so much. I can never be more grateful. I really felt like a princess that night. I love y'all. Every single one of you. Thank you for making my 16th birthday such a memorable one despite all the shit that has happened. I appreciate it ;)