Woke up especially early to go visit my mom! It's like a tradition... I THINK. I do it almost every year. Y'know, waking up early on the first day to ''bai nian'' w your parents and all. Hahaha. So yep, I made the trip down to her place! Afterwhich we headed over to my gramp's and then to my cousin's for some steamboat ;)

Leah! My fucking cute niece who was dancing to Kpop. Hahahaha. She can even rmb the steps. A pity I didn't manage to tape it cuz my camera died on me ;(

And then an impromptu plan for Kbox with my girlies!

Hahaha a lil over priced compared to the normal days. But definitely worth the money!!!! We really, literally sang until our throats were hoarse. Hahaha. Crazy, crazy night.