Merry X'mas (day 2) 2010


Sooo... After spending my 1st day of X'mas with my Bf and Erica, I spent my 2nd day of X'mas with Mae and the rest! And fortunately we got one of the biggest rooms at St Michaels in Resort World Sentosa, thx to Mae's dad's help ;) There wasn't much ppl tho. But boy was it still whoopee! :) I really had an extremely merry Christmas this year.

The toilet is like the size of my bedroom......

Super yummy looking cake. But doesn't taste nice at all. The whole thing's like made of Cinnamon, yikes.

Hahaha, the guys after their bubble bath

Hehehe and Erwin went to get breakfast for all of us :)

Lastly...... A pretty long vid for y'all to enjoy! Took hours to edit n upload it...